Register for Transcripts

Once a candidate has passed the NASCLA Accredited Examination, he/she will need to create an account in the National Examination Database (NED) on When the account has been created, NASCLA will link the candidate’s test results submitted to the database from PSI Services, LLC with their account. The candidate will then be able to electronically purchase and send transcripts to the accepting state licensing agencies. Once a transcript is purchased, a confirmation email will go to the candidate and an alert email will go to the state agency staff members to view the information through the database.

Candidates can track sent transcripts within their account as well as view their examination information and make updates to their personal information.

*Please note, transcripts are only valid in the system for a two (2) period for the state agency to access the information.  If it has been longer than two (2) years since a transcript has been purchased and you have NOT been licensed within that state, you will need to repurchase the transcript for that state agency through the database.

Transcript Registration Process on

  • Create an Account - Candidate will create an account online.
  • Account Linked - NASCLA will link the candidate’s test results to their account within 48 hours.
  • Purchase Transcripts - Candidate can login to purchase and send transcripts to the state licensing agencies as they apply for licensure.

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