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NASCLA welcomes all regulatory agencies, trade associations, firms and individuals who are involved in the construction industry. NASCLA membership provides networking opportunities with industry experts and representatives as well as exposure to breaking news and trends within the industry. If you are interested and dedicated to our mutual goals, please review our membership classifications to find all the benefits NASCLA can provide for you.

Please note you do not need to be a NASCLA Member in order to apply to take NASCLA Accredited Examinations or to purchase publications from the bookstore. For more information on how to apply for a NASCLA Accredited Exam, please click here.

Please click here to download the NASCLA Membership Mail in Form.

NASCLA Membership runs September 1st - August 31st each year.

Associate Members

Associate members are the existing foundation of the construction industry and is NASCLA's most popular membership. This membership is limited to individual contractors, trade associations, non-profits and regional contractor licensing agencies, construction/contractor companies, and construction material suppliers. To sign up for this membership, click here.

Affiliate Members

This membership is for former employees of state licensing agencies and board members of similar agencies who are not actively engaged in the construction business. To sign up for this membership, please contact NASCLA Staff so that we may verify the state agency that you were affiliated with.

Business Members

If you provide products or services to the construction industry, this membership is for you. Business membership is limited to firms whose business is related to the construction industry and can provide you direct access to potential new customers. To sign up for this membership, click here.

International Members

This membership is limited to regulatory agencies from other nations, countries or states other than the fifty (50) United States of America and its territories. To sign up for this membership, click here.

State Members

State membership offers executive directors and staff from state and local regulatory agencies the ability to exchange information and ideas with other industry regulators. This is limited to states that have enacted laws to regulate the business of construction licensing. To sign up for this membership, click here.

NASCLA Membership Brochure

Please click here to view the NASCLA Membership Mail in Form.

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